Horny Goat Weed, also known as Barrenwort, is an herbal supplement that provides a variety of different benefits. The legend goes that one day a farmer noticed that his goats were acting very “frisky.” After further investigation, he realized that it was because his goats had been eating the barrenwort growing in his pasture. And that’s how horny goat weed got its name!  Black Edged G.O.A.T. delivers a powerful assortment of health benefits designed to make you feel like “YOU” again.  We like to say that the benefits of our Horny Goat Weed extend everywhere from the bedroom to the fitness room to the boardroom and back again.  BE your best YOU with Black Edged G.O.A.T.

Black Edged G.O.A.T. Benefits:

  • Helps decrease physical fatigue
  • Supports joint comfort
  • Boosts energy and vitality
  • Helps with bedroom activities