Did you know that over 15 million Americans are affected each year by some form of anxiety and that this general anxiety harms their physical and mental well- being?  There are large numbers of people out there that are generally stressed and are looking for relief.  Many will seek some form of therapy and possibly be prescribed medication. Black Edged created its Anxiety formula to serve those looking for a natural homeopathic option for relief from their anxiety symptoms.  Our proprietary blend of vitamins, minerals, herbs and amino acids help reduce anxiety without the potentially harmful side effects of prescriptions drugs.  The Black Edged Anxiety formula works extremely well helping to reduce the anxiety associated with day to day stress.

Black Edged Anxiety Formula Benefits:

Our anti-anxiety supplement is made for Men and Women and can be especially helpful to individuals:

  • Suffering from PTSD
  • Dealing with OCD
  • Prone to depression
  • Dealing with general environmental stress
  • Feeling uptight and just a little bit “off”