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  • Black Edged “P” Prostate Formula

    Did you know that 50% of Men in America over 50 years of age are affected by an enlarged prostate, which can cause multiple issues with urination, weight gain and many other health challenges.  Prostate cancer is also especially pronounced among Black men in America and is a leading cause of death.  Black Edged “P” contains a number of a variety of natural ingredients designed to support a healthy prostate.  We’ve also added Vitamin E and Vitamin B6 to help boost every day health and wellness. Black Edged “P” Prostate Formula Benefits:
    • Supports a healthy prostate
    • Supports healthy urine flow
    • Exclusive proprietary blend of saw palmetto, zinc and pumpkin seed
  • Black Edged Horny Goat Weed Blend “G.O.A.T.”

    Horny Goat Weed, also known as Barrenwort, is an herbal supplement that provides a variety of different benefits. The legend goes that one day a farmer noticed that his goats were acting very “frisky.” After further investigation, he realized that it was because his goats had been eating the barrenwort growing in his pasture. And that’s how horny goat weed got its name!  Black Edged G.O.A.T. delivers a powerful assortment of health benefits designed to make you feel like “YOU” again.  We like to say that the benefits of our Horny Goat Weed extend everywhere from the bedroom to the fitness room to the boardroom and back again.  BE your best YOU with Black Edged G.O.A.T. Black Edged G.O.A.T. Benefits:
    • Helps decrease physical fatigue
    • Supports joint comfort
    • Boosts energy and vitality
    • Helps with bedroom activities
  • Black Edged “Alpha Max” Natural Testosterone Support

    At times a man may feel that he has lost his “Edge" - that thing that kept him on top of his game in his younger years.  Black Edged “Alpha Max” Natural Testosterone helps you snatch back your vitality and Alpha status.  Black Edged Alpha Max contains natural vitamins, minerals and herbs to make for extremely effective testosterone support and free testosterone production.  Black Edged Alpha Max will help boost your libido and desire, as it enhances your overall drive and performance--whether you’re in the board room or the bed room.  Black Edged Alpha Max helps you be the best you can BE.
    Black Edged “Alpha Max” Benefits:
    • Boosts free testosterone production
    • Enhances muscle growth
    • Increases bodybuilding results
    • Helps restore vitality and drive
    • Supports increased libido and desire
  • Black Edged “X” Male Enhancement

    It’s a known fact that a man’s “performance” can become compromised.  Sometimes men need to supplement their regimen in order to stay active and on top of their game sexually. Black Edged “X” does just that with a proprietary blend of ingredients that support sexual stamina and sexual libido.  Our top-quality formula contains things like Tongkat Ali,  L-Arginine, Vitamin b12, and Bioperine—all known to assist with enhanced male performance and libido issues.  Black Edged “X” is by far one of the best male enhancement supplements on the market and should be a part of any man’s routine who is looking to BE his Black Edged best.
    Black Edged “X” Male Enhancement Benefits
    • Helps increase sex drive
    • Encourages quality erectile function
    • Enhances mood
    • Increases endurance
    • Increases stamina
    Male Enhancement
  • Black Edged “M” Men’s Multi Vitamin

    Black Edged “M” contains the essential vitamins, antioxidants and minerals that men need to BE their best and to stay healthy, active and fully in the game of LIFE.  Living in today’s world is amazing…but it is also highly stressful to our bodies and minds.  Many men, in fact most men, simply do not get the nutrition their bodies need setting them up for a host of health issues and problems that could be easily prevented with an intelligent approach to diet and supplementation.    No matter where you stand on dietary supplements, it is commonly and generally advised by all health and medical professionals that men (and women) should at the very least have a solid multivitamin in their arsenal to ensure that those inescapable “nutrition gaps” are being filled.
    Black Edged “M” Men’s Multi Vitamin Benefits:
    • Supports overall health and well-being
    • Supports immune system
    • Supports prostate health
    • Promotes joint comfort
    • Covers daily vitamin needs in men