How We Came To BE

We started Black Edged to serve the wellness and lifestyle needs of progressive people around the world.  The first product we introduced was Black Edged “D”, a 5,000 IU high quality vitamin D3 supplement containing other vital nutrients to help enhance its efficacy in the human body.  The inspiration for Black Edged “D” came from the well known fact that Black people from all socioeconomic classes suffer disproportionately from major chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, arthritis, asthma and autism.

This sad fact had always given us pause.  Our “aha” moment came when we stumbled across a growing body of medical and scientific research that links Vitamin D deficiency with chronic disease in Black people.  After educating ourselves on this “silent” epidemic, we began to scratch our heads and ask why no one in the health and wellness space was doing anything to address these issues head on?  More importantly, we were amazed that no one was making nutritional supplements and products specifically designed to promote the health, wellness and survival needs of Black people.

What was initially a big question has now become our reason for being.  We’ve now expanded our “tribe” to include anyone that is progressive enough to take charge of optimizing their health and life performance and that identifies with the concept of being a black swan.

The Point Is This

The global Black and progressive population is a HUGE FAMILY and we don’t want anyone to feel excluded.

Black Edged is just getting started and there are plans for many, many health and wellness products in the pipeline. We are going to impact the world by reminding Black and progressive people to survive, live and thrive. Most of all, we are going to remind you to stay on your game and to keep your Edge.